Ƶ University Responds to Notre Dame College Closure Announcement

All of us at Ƶ University extend comfort & concern for the students, faculty and staff of Notre Dame College in the wake of the college's closure announcement. Ƶ, a small, private Catholic liberal arts university in Greensburg, Pa. - just two and a half hours away from the Notre Dame College campus - is ready & willing to help in these challenging times.

With over 80 undergraduate programs, easy access to scholarships and aid, and an award-winning Career Services Center that offers students support long after graduation, Ƶ University will keep students moving forward toward their future goals. We will work to ensure that all applicable credits from Notre Dame College transfer to Ƶ in a seamless fashion. Ƶ will accept students that are in good standing with Notre Dame College. We will accept all credits from Notre Dame College and we will also match the tuition net cost (minus performance based scholarships).  

We invite Notre Dame College students to join the Ƶ community by offering an expedited admissions and transfer process to help in easing this transition. Ƶ admissions counselors can provide one-on-one support and answer any questions that students might have about Ƶ and its academic and athletics programs. 

Finally, for Notre Dame College faculty & staff looking for new employment, we have a number of openings in a variety of areas. Please visit setonhill.edu/employment for more information on open positions.

Ƶ University is committed to its mission to educate students to think and act critically, creatively, and ethically as productive members of society committed to transforming the world. We hope that at this time we can help Notre Dame College students find a new path to their future success and a stable home at Ƶ.

Start moving forward with Ƶ University and apply as a transfer student today!

Need more information? Contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office at admit@setonhill.edu, (724) 838-4281 or (800) 826-6234.